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    Bluetooth Receiver - Bluetooth Audio Receiver - AUX

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    Bluetooth Receiver - Bluetooth Audio Receiver - AUX

    Looking for a Bluetooth Adapter that allows you to connect ALL your devices via Bluetooth? It's possible with the Wegman Bluetooth Transmitter & Receiver. Thanks to this handy 2-in-1 Bluetooth Audio Receiver you have a Bluetooth Receiver & Transmitter in one small handy device. Connect the sound of your TV to a Bluetooth Speaker or listen to your favorite Spotify playlist via your car radio. It's all possible!

    This is why more and more people are buying the Wegman Receiver & Transmitter

    ✓ Wireless Bluetooth transmission - from your TV to your AirPods

    ✓ Receive wireless Bluetooth - from your smartphone to your stereo chain

    ✓ Connect 2 devices at once - play music on 2 Bluetooth speakers

    ✓ Connect two Wegman Adapters - from your TV to your wired headphones

    ✓ Rechargeable via USB - no separate socket required

    ✓ Hands-free in-car kit - answer calls through the car radio

    ✓ Bluetooth 5.0 - same audio quality as wired

    Wegman Bluetooth Transmitter

    With the Transmitter function you send an audio signal from an analog device to a Bluetooth device. With an analog device, for example, think of your television. Most televisions do not yet offer the option to connect wireless headphones or Bluetooth earphones while watching TV. Connect the Wegman Bluetooth Transmitter to your television via the included 3.5mm AUX cable, then connect your headphones to the Wegman Bluetooth Transmitter and you can listen to TV wirelessly. This same system also works to connect AirPods to a Nintendo Switch, for example.

    Wegman Bluetooth Receiver

    With the Receiver function you receive an audio signal from a Bluetooth device on an analog device. For example, you can listen to music from your smartphone on a wired stereo chain. Suppose you are looking for a good set of computer speakers, but you would also like to listen to music from your smartphone via Bluetooth on those same speakers. In that case, you no longer have to look for special Bluetooth speakers. Hang the Wegman Bluetooth Receiver on the wired speakers and you can immediately connect your smartphone via Bluetooth.

    Connect all your devices via Bluetooth

    Record player - Wegman Adapter as Transmitter - Bluetooth headphones / speaker

    FM radio - Wegman Adapter as Transmitter - Bluetooth headphones / speaker

    Smartphone / Tablet - Wegman Adapter as Receiver - Wired PC speakers

    Smartphone / Tablet - Wegman Adapter as Receiver - 2 Bluetooth speakers (sync)


    ✔ Charging time +/- 2 hours
    ✔ Working time +/- 8 hours
    ✔ Battery capacity: 280mAh
    ✔ Bluetooth version: 5.0
    ✔ Bluetooth transmission distance: 10 meters
    ✔ Effective distance microphone: 0.5-2 meters

    Warranty information

    We fully stand behind our products and as a sign of this confidence we offer you a warranty period of 1 year. If problems occur during normal use of the product within these 12 months, we will gladly replace your product.

    Eager to breathe new life into all your analog audio devices and enjoy your music wirelessly anywhere? Order the Wegman Bluetooth Receiver and Transmitter today and swing along to your favorite tunes tomorrow!

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    music_noteFM Transmitters

    An FM Transmitter is a device that transmits music from, for example, your smartphone, tablet or MP4 player on the FM band. You kind of create your own radio station that can only be received very locally. The transmitted power of an FM Transmitter is low, which means that the range is a maximum of 40 meters 

    FM Transmitters are mainly used to be able to play your own music in the car, without the car radio being connected to the music carrier. You can set a frequency on the FM Transmitter yourself. By setting the frequency of the car radio to the same frequency, the sound from the FM Transmitter will be played through the car radio. Any FM radio can receive the signals from FM Transmitters.

    The most commonly used Frequencies are 87.5 and 108. If the frequency is not adjusted properly, you may experience annoying noise when using the FM Transmitter.

    The FM Transmitter works best on a empty frequency (a frequency where no radio is playing). The recommended frequencies may not work optimally in your area, so look for another frequency where you don't notice any noise.

    Make sure that the FM Frequency you are using is always an empty FM Frequency. Find more information about the correct frequency in the articles above.

    Often the sound of the FM Transmitter is not set correctly for your radio, if you experience noise you can easily change the sound of the FM transmitter. How to change the sound for you FM Transmitter can be found in the manual that is included.


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