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    What is an FM Transmitter?

    This has probably happened to every motorist at least once: You cannot
    streaming music during the car ride or you can't make a Bluetooth connection in your
    car. Sometimes your phone rings at an inappropriate moment and then you think: Is it really
    wise to record now? Or you just need your smartphone and then you
    battery empty.
    These are all examples that we encounter on a daily basis.
    Fortunately, there is a solution for the above situation. Wegman hereby bids
    car accessories an ideal product to solve many problems encountered during the
    driving a car can help. Meet the Wegman Bluetooth

    What is an FM Transmitter?

    The Wegman Bluetooth FM Transmitter makes driving more comfortable, easier
    and more secure. It is a small accessory that the music signal of your smartphone
    or other Bluetooth device to the in-car FM radio. The user
    can set the frequency to be used. They are mainly intended to
    listen to music from MP3 players or smartphones. Install it in your car,
    tun the radio to the same frequency as that of the FM transmitter, connect your
    phone and you're done! This sounds like music to your ears, doesn't it?
    The transmitter is installed in your car in no time and ready to use.
    In most cases you connect the transmitter to the 12V or 24V connection in the
    car. This product is not intended for cars that already have Bluetooth in them. Read more quickly
    why the FM Transmitter is so special.

    What functions does the Transmitter have?

    ✅ Be able to stream your own music everywhere
     Handsfree car kit function
     Features a QC3.0 Fast Charge USB port, allowing your phone to
          charged in no time
     Voice control
     Answer, reject and call back calls via a button


    Another known problem is the sound of the music. Sometimes there is a noise
    or failure. Very annoying if your sound is not crystal clear. With the FM Transmitter you can
    listen to your music in higher quality, regardless of what you're in the mood for at the moment

    Safe on the road

    For Wegman car accessories it is important that our customers
    be able to sit comfortably and safely behind the wheel without any
    derivations. Safety comes first and it is important that you can safely
    feeling can drive a car.
    Wegman auto accessoires

    Goodbye trouble!

    This shows again that many daily situations can be solved in this way
    with no less than one one product. You no longer have to run into this during
    driving a car. From now on, get into the car with a comfortable feeling. You never have to
    to experience that your battery is empty or the hassle of navigating or making calls.This is
    besides what everyone wants, right?
    Do you also think it is important to drive in the safest way? To carefree the
    to spend the day with your favorite music in the car? Take a look at our
    assortment and who knows, there might be something for you that will allow you to use
    from now on.
    a pleasant feeling behind the wheel!

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