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    Bluetooth car kit


    Hands-free calling and safe driving? You can do this with a Bluetooth car kit from Wegman. Nowadays the latest cars are equipped with a built-in car kit. The advantage of this is that it is neatly finished in the interior of the car. But this does not apply to every car. After all, many cars do not have a car kit installed. That's why we have car kits that provide you with clear telephone conversations while driving. In addition, our models take up minimal space.

    How does a Bluetooth car kit work?

    With a Bluetooth car kit you can easily make calls in the car, while your hands remain on the steering wheel. By connecting the device to the Bluetooth of your mobile phone, you can make hands-free calls without any worries. You can answer incoming calls, reject them, or call them back later with just one press of the button. This way you stay focused on the road.

    How can you install the Bluetooth car kit?

    Plug the car kit into the 12V input of your car. Wegman car kits are connected to the radio frequency in your car. Connect your Car Kit to one of the following frequencies for the best signal: FM 87.5, 87.6, 107.9 and 108.0. Then connect your phone to the car kit's Bluetooth. The Bluetooth car kit has a built-in speaker, so that the person on the other end of the line can hear you clearly. In short, now you can make carefree calls while driving.

    Why choose a Wegman car kit?

    If you choose a Wegman car kit, you choose a multifunctional plug & play car kit. First of all, the car kit is easy to install, and you will be amazed by the many possibilities. In contrast to simple car kits, Wegman car kits have the option to listen to music wirelessly. Not only can you make calls, but you can also sing along to your favorite music! In addition, most of our car kits are equipped with a USB fast charger input. In short, don't wait any longer and experience the driving comfort yourself with our Bluetooth car kit.

    How much does a Car Kit cost?

    In our range you will find car kits between €20 and €30. Every car kit in our range is worth this amount! With these items you can easily make hands-free calls and listen to music anywhere. Moreover, the sound is of top quality. In short, with a Bluetooth car kit from Wegman you are provided with the best car accessories at the best prices.


    Bluetooth car kit at Wegmanshop

    Effortless hands-free calling, listening to music and even navigating? Everything is possible when you choose a Bluetooth car kit from Wegman. At Wegman you enjoy free shipping as standard. Do you order before 3:00 PM on workdays? Then your car kit will be delivered to your home tomorrow. Don't wait any longer and opt for safe kilometers on the road.


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