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    A Bluetooth Receiver: What is it and why is it so useful?

    Chances are that you have heard of a receiver before. Many restaurants, department stores, or perhaps even friends and family have such a cabinet to play music in their business or home. The word receiver comes from the English verb to receive, which means 'to receive'. The literal meaning is therefore 'receiver' and that also describes its function well. You receive music with it that you can then send to different speakers.

    If we now analyze the word Bluetooth Receiver, we immediately know the function of this handy device. Just like a regular receiver, a Bluetooth receiver is used to receive music, but this is not done via a CD player or FM radio, but via Bluetooth. All modern multimedia devices that have Bluetooth (think of your smartphone, laptop or tablet) can therefore send music to your speakers in this way.

    The great thing about such a Bluetooth Receiver is that you no longer depend on traditional radio stations to listen to music. With a Bluetooth Receiver for the car, you can, for example, brighten up your road trip with your favorite playlist in the background. You plug most of those Bluetooth Receivers into the cigar lighter of your car, then tune the FM frequency of the receiver to that of your car radio and you can immediately start roaring along to your favorite music.

    In addition to Bluetooth Receivers, there are now also Bluetooth Transmitters. They not only receive music via Bluetooth, but also transmit the audio signal to another wireless device. Very useful if, for example, you have bought a new pair of wireless earphones and want to use them to watch TV. Most televisions do not yet support Bluetooth devices to play the sound, but with such a transmitter that problem is immediately solved.

    The latest generation of these types of receivers are the transceivers, receivers and transmitters in one. With such a transceiver you combine the best of both devices described above. With one and the same device you can send one of your Spotify playlists on your smartphone to your car radio or use your wireless earphones to watch a movie on the plane. Do you have children, little brothers or sisters, nephews or nieces who distract everyone during the family party with the playful sounds of their Nintendo Switch? Connect such a transceiver, give them your AirPods and you can continue to enjoy the family party in peace.

    You probably didn't imagine what you could do with these kinds of small devices. Would you like to learn more about useful accessories for in and around your car? Then be sure to read our next blog posts!

    Wegman Efficiency
    Author: Gautier Maes

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    hoe werkt de voeding? Is niet duidelijk in uw beschrijving

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