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    Bluetooth FM Transmitter

    Do you want to listen to music carefree, navigate with sound or make hands-free calls in the car? No, not with an old-fashioned aux cable. Use a Bluetooth FM transmitter from Wegman Auto Accessories! An FM Transmitter, what is that? This small car accessory converts the sound signal from your smartphone to the FM radio in your car. The result? Crystal clear sound, as if your car has a built-in bluetooth sound system.

    How does a Bluetooth FM Transmitter work?

    Actually, very simple! Connect the bluetooth fm transmitter to the 12V/24V connection in your car. Then press and hold the frequency button until the radio frequency starts flashing on the LCD screen. Then tune the FM transmitter and the car radio to the same frequency to connect these two devices. We recommend using the following frequencies: 87.5, 87.6, 107.9 and 108.0.
    The last step? Connect your smartphone to the Bluetooth of the FM transmitter. Now you can listen to music and hands-free while driving with ease!

    The best FM transmitter for the car

    With a bluetooth FM transmitter from Wegman you have endless advantages in the car. Not only do you now experience the best sound experience, but also the ultimate convenience of our multifunctional transmitters. Charging your phone? Most of our devices even have a fast charger, so you never have to have an empty phone on the road again.
    In addition, Wegmanshop stands for safe kilometers. The built-in microphone is ideal for hands-free calling. Our devices also support voice control and navigation for extra security. In other words, your fm transmitter is also a multifunctional car kit.
    To be able to listen to music, call and navigate completely safely and without any worries, we recommend that you also use one of our phone holders to be mounted in your car.

    What are the advantages of a Bluetooth FM Transmitter?

    Now that you know what a bluetooth FM transmitter can mean in your car, we will once again list the advantages. Not sure yet which model it will be? View the reviews per product from all our customers. This gives you an idea which transmitter best suits your needs. Give yourself the convenience on the road, because your car ride has never been so comfortable.

    All the advantages of our FM transmitters:

     Streamless music streaming, hands-free calling and navigation
     Includes built-in microphone for hands-free calling
     Extra safe kilometers through voice control
     With the QC3.0 fast charger USB port, your phone is quickly charged
     Receive, reject or call back calls at the touch of a button
     Comfortable and safe behind the wheel, without distractions

    The FM Transmitter for the car can be found at Wegman

    Endless streaming music, calling and navigating without noise. That sounds like music to your ears, doesn't it? With a Wegman FM Transmitter you will experience an unforgettable driving experience in the car. So choose one of our models today. Order a Wegman Bluetooth FM Transmitter today, and start singing along to your favorite songs on the road tomorrow!



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